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Top Spots Around the House to Find Laundry Money

While many laundromats these days allow you to pay by credit or debit, many people still like paying with quarters. But in today’s world, where hard currency has largely been replaced by plastic cards, quarters may not be quite so easy to find around the house.

Yes, you can always go to the bank, but that may not be an option based on the day or the time of day you’re doing laundry.

On that note, here’s a look at some of the best spots around your home to scrounge for laundry money:

  • Under the couch cushions. Sofa cushions have a reputation for eating change, so be sure to check here first before anywhere else. If you’ve recently had guests over and the room with your couch was a popular gathering area, you may just hit the jackpot with one quick search.
  • In your car. When getting drive through or paying for groceries with cash, it’s only natural to toss any loose change into your car’s cup holders.
  • In that one kitchen drawer. You know what drawer we’re talking about. It’s the drawer that’s supposed to house your address book and stationary, but winds up accumulating pens, pencils, the nail clipper, stamps, coupons and anything else that doesn’t have a “place” around the house. Chances are you can scrounge up some spare change in there.
  • In your kids’ room. This should be a last ditch resort, but we’re betting you can fish some quarters out of the piggy bank in your kids’ room. Just be sure to leave yourself a reminder to pay back what you borrow at a later time.
  • Your golf bag. If you’re the type of golfer who uses a coin as a ball marker on the green, then we’re guessing you can find some change in your golf bag.