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Terrifyingly Simple Tips for Halloween Makeup Removal

Fake blood, heavy lipstick and thick eyeliner are no match for our suggestions!

It’s that time of year when ghastly ghouls and wicked witches roam the streets in search of the neighborhood’s best candy.

It’s also that point when we evaluate how we each did in preparing scars and bloody appendages with costume makeup.

But the stains that costume makeup produces could be even more of a scare than you would expect. We have a few suggestions on how to keep the living dead looking fresh.

When lipstick becomes lip-stuck

Costume lipstick has a tendency not to stick as well as daily-use lipsticks and thus will rub off on clothes easier. Here are a few tips for tackling this situation:

Non-Dry Clean Clothes

  • Spray a liberal amount of hairspray on the stained area and allow to sit for 10 minutes
  • Dab spot with sponge

Dry Clean Clothes

  • Place a piece of packing tape over the stain and begin applying and removing the tape in a waxing motion
  • Use a fresh piece of tape with each removal attempt

Uncovering Cover Up

Most costume makeups are very similar in composition to cover up and are infused with high amounts of dye similar to food coloring. This simple process could make your Halloween a bit less stressful:

  • Put rubbing alcohol on the stain and allow it to sit for 10 minutes (may substitute rubbing alcohol for liquid soap)
  • Wet a cloth and dab the stain and rubbing alcohol until the stain is removed
  • For residual stains, proceed with a normal wash cycle

Preventing the Avoidable

Let’s try to avoid stains all together! It would be in your best interest to apply makeup before getting dressed. If you are already dressed, wrap a towel or sheet around your neck and shoulders.

If you are truly in a bind and need professional grade washing, browse through our list of laundromats throughout New Jersey!