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Tackling Turkey Day Stains

Take the pain out of cleaning your tablecloth after Thanksgiving dinner with the proper tactics.

When all thanks have been given and the last piece of pumpkin pie has been eaten, so comes the undertaking of cleaning up.

And no job is quite as daunting as cleaning a tablecloth, which is often caked with gravy, turkey and cranberries. But it’s not as hard as you may think. Our helpful tips should keep your holiday season in high spirits.

The Grave-y Truth

We all have that one cousin that likes more gravy than turkey. And every year he manages to get half of the brown sauce splattered all over the table. Have no fear! This can be an easy clean.

  1. Scrape the excess gravy away from the stained area
  2. Apply a prewash product of your choosing
  3. Put the tablecloth in the washer with a bit of enzyme-based detergent and soak overnight
  4. Drain the water the next day and continue normal wash with the hottest water setting

Butter to Be Safe Than Sorry

Hot biscuits or croissants dripping with fresh butter are a holiday favorite. Unfortunately, the melted morsels make a real mess of your fine linens. Put your worries aside with this helpful tip.

  1. Cover the stain in flour, cornstarch or an artificial sweetener and let it set for 30 minutes
  2. Shake off excess powder
  3. Rub in some liquid dish soap and rinse in hot water

This process works for oil too.

Whining Over Spilt Wine

Little takes the edge off a day with the family like a glass of red wine. But, when red wine meets white tablecloth, there is not much to be thankful for. Luckily we have a quick tip that is sure to help out a mer-lot.

  1. Immediately blot the majority of the spill
  2. Apply a liberal amount of salt to the stain and allow to sit overnight
  3. Remove remaining salt and apply cleaning solution (1 tbsp. plain liquid hand soap, 1 tbsp. white vinegar, 2 cups warm water)
  4. Blot stain with solution and dry
  5. Proceed with normal wash cycle if stain remains

A Cornucopia of Options

Your holiday shouldn’t be bogged down with the worry of clean up. Above all, it is important to address a stain as soon as it occurs – this will greatly improve your chances of success.

With this and the above tips in mind, you’ll have a little something extra to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.