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Stage-Five Clinger!

How to get the static cling out of your clothes

No one likes a clinger, whether it’s an ex, a hangnail, or a wool sock.

We can’t help with the first two. But luckily, when it comes to clothes, we have a few solutions.

The Pre-meditated Approaches

Ultimately, avoiding static cling altogether would be ideal. So first, here are some tactics to use so you never have to worry about staticky clothes again.

Method 1

  • Add 1/4 cup of baking soda to your wash cycle
  • Baking soda creates a layer of protection around each piece of clothing, eliminating the potential for positive and negative charges to meet (static cling)

Method 2

  • Add 1/4 cup of vinegar to your rinse cycle
  • Pause your washer once the wash cycle has finished, add the vinegar, and then resume the rest of the cycle
  • Vinegar softens garments reducing the stiffness, which can cause static cling
  • *NOTE* Do not use when washing with bleach!

Method 3

  • Introduce a ball of tin foil to your wash cycle
  • Tin foil discharges negative and positive charges
  • *NOTE* Do not place the tin foil in dryer!

The Aftershock

Sometimes we’re in a rush, and we have to deal with static cling once it’s already a problem. Fear not! We have more than enough pain free ways to discharge the cling.

Method 1

  • Run a wire hanger over your clothes
  • The metal from the wire hanger discharges the pesky ions that cause static cling

Method 2

  • Spray your clothes with a 1-part fabric softener, 30-part water solution
  • Spray directly on the areas that are causing cling

Method 3

  • Spray your outfit with hairspray
  • Hairspray is designed to reduce the static in your hair and has the same effect on clothes

Now that you have these simple tips in your toolkit, the only thing that is going to be sticking to you are your hoards of admirers!

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