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Safety at the Laundromat

For many, making the weekly trek (or bi-weekly trek depending on how expansive your wardrobe is) to the laundromat is a tolerable inconvenience at best. After all, who wants to go sit for a few hours and wait for their clothes to wash and dry? But if you’re not careful, the laundromat can quickly transform from a tolerable inconvenience to a flat-out nightmare. You can’t let your guard down anywhere these days, and the laundromat is no exception. Here’s a look at how to stay safe when using the laundromat:

  • Don’t leave your clothes unattended: Leave your clothes unattended at your own risk. Without physically being there, wrongdoers have easy access to any valuable articles you’re washing. Or if someone needs to use the machine and the cycle ends before you’re back, they might just take it out and throw it anywhere. Be aware of the risks you take when leaving your clothes unattended.
  • Take as little with you as possible: We always suggest finding productive ways to pass the time at the laundromat, but make sure you’re doing it within reason. Be wary of taking laptops, tablets or other expensive electronics with you, as they could become lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Go coin-less: We also suggest taking little — or no — actual money with you. Instead, see if your local laundromat issues a card-specific payment system, where you can reload your card with money digitally when necessary. This makes things a lot easier to manage, and also allows you to carry limited funds when you’re doing your laundry.
  • Go to safe laundromats: Make sure the laundromats you’re using have various safety precautions in place. Make sure they’re well lit at night, well staffed during the day and protected by security cameras that can be used as evidence in case something were ever to happen to you or your belongings inside.