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A Sticky Situation: Removing Gum From Clothes

Gum freshens your breath, but when it makes its way to your clothes, it can be most unflattering. Luckily there are simple ways to combat this issue.

No one purposely gets gum stuck to themselves, but sometimes it is unavoidable. A few easy procedures can be taken to remove gum without harming your clothes. Four items found in your pantry can make the process simple and pain-free.

  • Use an ice cube. Freezing or cooling the gum will make it firm and easy to pull off. Rub or leave an ice cube on the gum for 10-15 minutes and then proceed to take it off by lightly scraping with a card. Wash the garment to remove any excess.
  • Slather on some peanut butter. Peanut butter has natural enzymes that make gum less sticky. Place a small amount over the affected area and let it sit for up to 2 minutes. Proceed to remove the gum with a brush or rag. Regularly wash your garment afterwards.
  • Try compressed air. Compressed air works in a similar way that ice does in that it hardens the gum. Put a piece of paper over the gum and turn the can of air upside down (this releases the carbon dioxide instead of oxygen). Spray for 10-20 seconds and finish by scraping the gum off with a card and washing regularly.
  • Apply oil. Carefully work in a tiny amount of cooking, vegetable, canola, or coconut oil onto the piece of gum. Remove the gum after a few moments. To avoid staining, immediately put a little bit of cornstarch over the gum/oil stain. Remove after 10-20 minutes and then you may wash your clothes on a normal cycle.

Gum doesn’t have to ruin your day and there are simple, cheap ways to reverse your situation.

There is no need to invest in expensive stain or gum removers when everyday household products do just as effective of a job and don’t send you running all over town!

Photo Credit: CC Image Courtesy of daveynin

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