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Preserve the Life of Your Jeans

Seven simple steps plus one golden rule.

Let’s talk a minute about those baby blues. No, not your eyes, but that coveted pair of blue jeans that you spent half a month’s rent on.

Wonder how to preserve their color and keep them looking fresh and clean?

First, don’t believe everything you read online. Spot clean, freeze ‘em (yup, really) or never wash them at all. Those are just a few of the tips from common sense to crazy that you will find on the Internet about how to care for those jeans. Cleaning is our business and we are going to share with you seven simple rules along with our number one tip for keeping those blue jeans beautiful.

You see, as fabric care experts we know that a lot went into making those faded blues or classic whites, or deep indigos the go-to pair of jeans that they are. From the materials which can be pure cotton or special fabric blends, to the rinse, to the finishing treatments, many steps helped make them acid, raw, frayed or just plain perfect.

So here’s how to care for them, starting with our number one tip:

Number One Tip for Cleaning Your Jeans

The golden rule for caring for your garments is this: Read. The. Label. That’s right. Read the care label. This tag will tell you almost all you need to know about the manufacturer’s recommendations for the product based on materials, dyes, and finishes.

Seven Simple Rules

While the label is a good place to start, there is still more you can do. Consider our seven simple rules for extending the life your jeans:

#1 – Seal it up. Zip zippers, snap snaps, button buttons and turn the item inside out before washing. Keep those metal edges from snagging your washing machine or roughing up your duds.

#2 – Skip the wash. No, not forever. But only wash them when needed to help minimize the damage that water and detergents can cause to the life of the fabric and finish.

#3 – Separate dark and lights. Once again, your mom had it right. While we may have gotten used to color safe fabrics, to keep your whites white and your midnight indigo’s dark, wash your denim separate from other clothes and always grouped by color. Always.

#4 – Select cold water. Most detergents are effective at lower temperatures and cooler temps are kinder to your clothes.

#5 – Skip the dryer. Hang your denim to dry. Special fibers that give your jeans that yummy stretch can break down from repeated exposure to high temperatures.

#6 – Set your color. For dark colors, some experts recommend a cold soak with a cup of vinegar before the first wash to help set the color. Results may vary based on the dye used.

#7 – Save it for the dry cleaner. Coated denim may dazzle your dates, but don’t drop them in the wash, unless, you guessed it, the care label says to. Coated or embellished denim needs the special care of a dry cleaner.

Baby those jeans with these simple steps and you’ll find that they maintain color and shape, making your investment last.