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A Guide to Eliminating Pet Hair and Fur from Clothing

Our furry friends are some of our closest companions, but the hair and fur they leave behind can be unsightly and a challenging task to get rid of. Luckily, we have some simple tips to tackle the project.

They greet us at the door after work and can always brighten our day when we’re feeling down, but our pets often leave behind a little more than just love — they tend to shed all over our clothes. Removing pet hair can be a challenging task, but not impossible!

Here are some tips.

Use water

Using water can be the best way to remove fur and hair in one large bulk. One method includes wetting your hands and physically clumping the hair. As water makes hair heavy, it allows for the hair to clump and ball easily. This method can also be utilized with a damp cloth or kitchen rag.

Make it stick

Once the bulk of the hair is removed, it can be a bit trying to get rid of the tiny hairs left behind. One way to get those pesky hairs is to use a Velcro curler. If the inner form of the curler is metal, the ends can be bent to reach into the corners of cuffs and inseams. Another way to remove hair in a similar fashion is to use packing tape. Wrap the tape around your hand and tap over the hairy areas.

Harness static cling

Static electricity can be a fantastic way to help remove hair and can be done with most items easily found around the house. Wearing a latex or rubber glove and rubbing over the area picks up quite a bit of fur. Wetting the glove before rubbing can greatly increase the effectiveness of this process. Inflating a balloon and following the same technique works very well too.

Our pets are fluffy and show affection like no others. There’s no need to keep them at bay because of their shedding ways now that you have these helpful hints under your belt!

Photo Credit: CC Image Courtesy of JackPeasePhotography