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Laundromats Enter the Contactless Payment World

You pull up to the pump to fill your car up with gas and simply wave your credit card across the reader. The same is now true at most grocery stores when you’re purchasing items. You can even take advantage of features like Google Pay and Apple Pay to make cashless payments at most merchants. There’s no fuss, no swiping, no hassle. You can just take out your phone and do what you need to do or wave your card in the appropriate place on the card reader. It’s that easy.

Now, this technology is available for use at many laundromats too. Gone are the days of bringing rolls of coins to the laundromat to pop into the machine before washer and dryer loads. Now you can just wave your card across the reader to make a contactless payment. All you need is a credit card with an appropriate RFID chip and to visit a laundromat that accepts payments in this way. It’s an especially hygienic solution heading into the winter months when the flu is more prevalent, not to mention the virus that causes COVID-19.

So how do you use contactless payment at the laundromat?

It’s simple:

  1. Examine your credit card: You should see something that looks like WiFi signal on a part of your credit card. Some 300 million contact-less credit and debit cards are currently issued in the United States, so there’s a good chance that you have one already. If you don’t, contact your credit card provider and ask how you can get one.
  2. Select your purchase: After finding the device that accepts contact-less payment, simply make your selections and then just line up the contact-less symbol on your card with where the contact-less symbol is located on the reader. Keep it there for a second and you should receive notification that the payment is processing.
  3. Assess other options: On some devices, there’s also the option to make payment with Apple Pay or Google Pay if you’d prefer not to pay with your credit card.

Contact-less payments are just another way that the laundromat is moving forward in a safer and healthier direction.