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Laundromats are for Lovers

Laundromats aren’t just a venue where people go to complete a necessary chore. No, some laundromats have even turned into vibrant social communities, places where people can go to meet new people and possibly even score a date.

Along the lines of the latter, just think about all of the things you can learn from someone based on their clothes. You can gauge their style, the colors they like to wear, and even what bands and musical groups they’re into.

Here’s a look at some reasons why the laundromat could be the perfect place to get a date:

  • Responsibility: If you see someone doing their own laundry at a laundromat, you can tell that they’re likely very responsible. What’s more is you can tell that they also probably don’t still live with their parents.
  • It’s easy to strike up a conversation: See someone that you might be interested in? There are a variety of ways you can strike up a conversation. Ask to borrow a dryer sheet, for help with the machine settings or if they know how to get out a particular type of stain. If they seem friendly and helpful, you can take the conversation further from there.
  • It’s cheaper than a dating website: Laundry is something that you have to do regardless, you might as well try to meet someone while you’re doing it. Now that’s multi-tasking!
  • Bonding over common interests: One of the nice things about most of today’s laundromats is that they have high-def TVs that people can watch to pass the time. Say you’re doing laundry on the same day as the big game and you spot someone cheering just as frantically as you. Jackpot!

When it comes down to it, laundry is a chore. But there’s no reason why you can’t make it one of the most social, enjoyable chores that you do each week. Who knows, if you meet a special someone at the laundromat, laundry might become your love story.