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Laundromat Myths Debunked

Despite the laundromat serving as a convenient, affordable way for people to do their laundry, there are a lot of myths that are still out there when it comes to these facilities. We decided to dedicate this post to debunking some of the common myths that we hear regularly:

Laundromats are Only for Low-Income People

This is blatantly false. Laundromats are for everyone, and they welcome everyone. And if you want more of a first-class laundry experience at the laundromat, many of them offer wash and fold service, where all you need to do is merely drop your laundry off to have it done for you. People use laundromats for a variety of reasons.

Laundromats aren’t Convenient

While we understand how some people don’t enjoy spending time to wait for their laundry to be done, most laundromats do their best to offer amenities to make the overall experience better. Free wireless Internet, flat-screen TVs and even children’s reading time areas are just a few of the ways that laundromats are making visits more convenient and entertaining.

Laundromats Only Take Coins

This isn’t the good ole’ days. Today’s laundromats accept a variety of payments, from conventional coins and paper money to credit cards. Some laundromats have even established loyalty rewards programs for their returning customers. Apple Pay and Android Pay are other emerging laundromat payment options.

Laundromat Equipment isn’t Efficient

Actually, the equipment that you’ll find at most laundromats is far better machinery than what you’d likely be purchasing for your own laundry room. Much of the equipment at laundromats is designed to work faster, clean better and work more efficiently to boot. It’s one of the reasons why people opt to continue to use the laundromat, even after they’ve purchased homes with laundry rooms inside.