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How to Use Vinegar in Your Laundry

You’ll get rid of more stains with vinegar than honey.

Getting those whites to their whitest or defeating the powerful grip of dinginess can sometimes come at a high price with those fancy stain removers. But a quick trip to your kitchen for vinegar could be all you need to fight even your worst laundry woes.

Here are a few nifty suggestions for how to use vinegar in your laundry room:

Bury those BBQ Blues

With summer approaching, the smell of charcoal and propane fill the air as we fire up the grills. Hot dogs, hamburgers, and barbecue chicken – although appetizing – foreshadow great gobs of mustard, ketchup, and barbecue sauce stains on your summer best. Grey Poupon may be a classy addition to your hotdog, but not your threads.

To remove mustard stains, we recommend lightly dabbing the area with a generous amount of white distilled vinegar prior to your regular wash cycle.

For mustard’s close cousins, ketchup and barbecue sauce, the best approach is a vinegar and water solution of equal parts administered prior to a regular wash cycle.

Up in Smoke!

Those nights spent by the bonfire with friends and family build the fondest of summertime memories, but the leftover smell can be unappealing. You can’t even throw them in the laundry pile and wait to clean them later. The smell only grows stronger!

To get rid of the smoky scent trapped in fabrics, we suggest something a bit innovative. Fill up a bathtub with very hot water – the hotter the better. Add one cup of distilled white vinegar to the tub and hang your garments above the water. Close the door, and allow for the steam to build up and penetrate the fabric. Leave the clothing there for as long as you see fit, and then wash through the regular rinse cycle.

And the list gets longer!

In addition to the uses we’ve detailed above, vinegar can be used in many more ways, including:

  • As a natural fabric softener
  • To remove soap and deodorant residue
  • To neutralize harsh smelling odors
  • To protect color from fading

Look no further than your kitchen pantry the next time you’re searching for easy and inexpensive answers to your laundry worries.