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How to Use Bleach in the Laundry

Want to tap into the power of bleach for laundry but don’t know how? Here’s a quick rundown of how to use bleach on your next trip to the laundromat.

We all know that adding bleach to our laundry is a great way to remove stains, keep whites white, and kill germs. But, if used incorrectly, it can remove color from clothes or even leave holes in the fabric.

Don’t stress! Follow our brief guide for using bleach effectively to wash clothes and soon you’ll be adding the power of bleach to your loads with confidence.

Just to be clear, we’re talking about chlorine bleach, the most powerful type of bleach. The alternative, oxygen bleach, is usually safe on all fabrics but is not as effective.

Tips for using bleach on laundry:

  • Determine whether or not it is safe to use bleach on a particular fabric by checking the label. In most cases, bleach should only be used on all-white clothes and linens. If you’re not sure if an item is safe to bleach, you may want to skip the bleach all together.
  • Use bleach in addition to laundry detergent. While bleach is effective at loosening stains, it does not contain any soaps or detergents to wash the dirt away. Wash clothes as you normally would with bleach as an additive.
  • Never pour bleach directly on to laundry. Bleach should be diluted in water first and mixed with soapy water before coming into contact with fabric. Most laundromat washing machines have bleach dispensers for adding bleach. If this is the case, add the appropriate amount of bleach before starting the load. If your machine does not have a dispenser, start the machine, let it fill with water, add bleach and detergent to the water, let it mix, and then add clothes to the mixture.
  • Always follow the directions on your bottle of bleach to see how much bleach is appropriate for your load. If you use too much bleach, there could still be some left over after the wash which could ruin the next load.

If you need more help using bleach, just ask one of the friendly attendants at our Teaneck laundromat or one of our other NJ Laundromat locations. We’re happy to lend a hand.