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How to Make Leather Last Longer

Leather jackets are cool. But, to keep them looking fresh, you must be diligent in maintaining them.

Leather can be a fickle fabric to deal with. It is extremely sensitive to the way in which it is stored and what kind of conditions it can be exposed to.

In order to maintain the look of your leather garments, they must be treated for properly and, if dirtied, must be cleaned properly too.

Wet Leather

Due to the specific chemical composition of leather, wetness from spill or rain can be detrimental.

However, speed in drying is not important or suggested. Allowing the piece to remain in a room temperature environment with light wind applied should avoid any major damage. Never apply high levels of heat such as from a hair dryer.

Dry Leather

If leather is left to dry out, it can cause cracks.

Fill a spray bottle with water and lightly mist the garment before placing it in storage. The drying tactic previously mentioned in conjunction with this moistening approach can increase longevity greatly.

Dirty Leather

The best approach to removing dirt or stains from leather, above all, is to deal with it immediately.

Dab at the stain with a damp towel or rag. NEVER use soap of any kind — leather will absorb this and can cause significantly more damage.

Storing Leather

Unlike most jackets that you store for the season, wrapping leather in plastic is greatly frowned upon.

The lack of ventilation can cause mildew which could lead to discoloration and a less-than-satisfying smell. Make sure that where you store leather is accessible to air so it can breath freely.

Leather can be an expensive material, but it makes a statement like no other. Make sure to maintain and care for your leather so that statement is always positive!

Photo Credit: CC Image Courtesy of torbakhopper HE DEAD