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How to Care for Your Socks

Tips to help your socks go the extra mile

We all know it’s important for our shirts to be clean and our pants to be pressed. But what about our socks, those guys that get shoved in our boots and shoes?

Taking proper care of your socks is imperative, as socks act as a cooling system for our feet. Plus, they protect our feet against sweat buildup and dirt in our shoes.

Because of their extremely important job, we have put together a few suggestions for managing and maintaining your socks.

When Washing

Your socks, as tough as they may seem, must be handled with care when being washed. Follow these instructions so the washing machine doesn’t wreak havoc on them.

  • Wash in cold water; warm water could cause shrinkage
  • Avoid the use of bleach or detergents with too many chemicals
  • Turn your socks inside out when washing; most of the buildup or areas that need to be cleaned are on the inside

When Drying

Many a sock meets its early demise in the dryer. Remember the following and your socks will stay in tip-toed condition!

  • Don’t dry your socks in the dryer! The heat, combined with tumbling, weakens the fibers and decreases its lifespan.
  • Do not ring or twist your socks. Simply squeeze the water out and allow them to hang dry.

Other Tips for Happy Feet

  • Make sure you buy properly sized socks. If they are too small, they may cause discomfort. If they are too large, you can stretch them out by trying to get them to “fit” properly.
  • Maintain well-groomed toenails. This ensures that random holes won’t appear.
  • Choose different socks for different activities. Thinner socks are better during the summer months or for working out, while thicker socks are better during the winter or for activities such as hiking.

We guarantee that if you follow these simple tips your socks will go that extra mile!

Photo Credit: CC Image Courtesy of Jared Wong