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How to Beat Sweat Stains

Erase all traces of the summer swelter with these four tips for removing sweat stains.

The summer months can be brutally hot and have a major impact on your day. They say to wear light colored clothing, but when you sweat, those shirts can easily develop those dreaded sweat stains. Luckily, we have some suggestions of how you can beat back the lingering, dingy effects.

Don’t sweat the, well, sweat!

There’s nothing better to wear during those dog days of summer than a white shirt. But when you sweat, the yellow stains that remain are less than cooling and you might just boil over with fury.

The best combatant of yellow stains is to create a simple paste of baking soda and warm water. Using a brush (we recommend a tooth brush specially set aside for laundry), apply the paste to the stained area and allow it to sit for a few hours. Rinse off the paste and your whites will glisten.

Meet our meat solution

With the summer in full swing, there’s no end to BBQs, which means there’s probably some meat tenderizer laying around for those succulent steaks.

Sprinkle some meat tenderizer on the stained area and wash as normal. Because of the tenderizer’s high level of salt, it takes the stains right out, usually after only one application and wash.

Stains don’t have to be a headache

It can be stressful and head splitting trying to think of a way to get rid of those pesky “pit” stains. When you’re reaching for that bottle of aspirin, set two aside for the wash.

Crush up two aspirins and mix them with ½ a cup of warm water. Allow the garment to be soaked in the solution for two to three hours and proceed to wash as normal.

Simple soap solution

There’s no great substitute for cleaning than the classic methods using soap. We recommend this simple solution:

  • 1 part dish soap
  • 2 parts hydrogen peroxide
  • Scrub the stain
  • Allow to sit for one hour

After you have let your stained piece of clothing sit for the hour, toss it in the wash during a regular cycle and your smile won’t be the only thing shining bright and white!

We hope you have found these tips for beating sweat stains helpful. Check out our blog for even more laundry tips and tricks. Also, if you live in New Jersey and need a place to wash your clothes, we invite you to stop by one of our many laundromat locations. Looking forward to meeting you!