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Caring for Cashmere

From washing to storing, NJ Laundromats is here to teach you how to properly care for cashmere.

Cashmere is a strong, soft material that is synonymous with high fashion and fine quality. Because it often comes with a large price tag, it is important to take due diligence in maintaining it. We have a few suggestions that will make sure your fine digs are in top condition.


As cashmere is a delicate fabric, the best method for washing is generally by hand. Woven cashmere, by contrast, can only be dry cleaned to ensure the longest “wear-life.” Follow the instructions on the label to find out which method is best for your cashmere garment.

When you do undertake hand washing, mind the following tips:

  1. Immerse inside-out in lukewarm water
  2. Add mild soap or shampoo
  3. Work suds through materials, carefully
  4. Rinse thoroughly with same temperature water


Drying cashmere can be a little tricky. But, as long as you are mindful, you should have no problem. Adhere to these suggestions:

  1. Lay cashmere on clean towel and roll up
  2. Gently remove excess water
  3. Never place cashmere in the dryer
  4. Never ring out or twist the material; it will lose its shape
  5. Always air dry the garment


After you have properly cleaned your cashmere, it is important to store the garment in a safe manner. As cashmere is delicate, it does have a tendency to lose its shape if it is not properly stored.

  1. Never hang cashmere on hangers; it is best to fold your piece and place it flat in a drawer
  2. Avoid exposing material to sunlight or heat as it greatly reduces the lifespan of the garment
  3. Line the inside sleeves with nylon stockings; this will assist in the diminishment of static cling
  4. When storing multiple cashmere pieces together, lay a piece of tissue paper between each article

There you have it! If you follow these helpful tips, your cashmere sweaters and garments will be looking fresh and new, season after season.

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Photo Credit: CC Image Courtesy of stolte-sawa